Friday, December 28, 2007


at MEGAMEL.COM Only $19.95
Includes: 1CD, 3 books, 3 cards, $3.00 each extra book--see pricing for class sets)


This is a fantastic program for the car. Just put the CD in your player, pass the comic books out to the kids, and you and your children will laugh your way to a strong resistance to the temptations of drugs and tobacco.

It's proven, the first drug your kids will have to say no to, is tobacco.

By starting early, and giving your child the skills to defend against peer pressure, they will, SAY NO! And in doing so, their confidence will grow and the next time they are offered dangerous drugs, their answer will be clear and strong, "No!".

Great for classrooms! DEVELOPED BY TEACHERS, the program has been used in the classroom for almost ten years, with great success.

Have a great day!